Napa cabbage and fresh vegetables, transformed by fermentation, suiteble for vegans.



Producing bacteria with fresh vegetables, combining various veggies with aromatic seasonings at a cool temperature.


Traditional Natural Fermentation Technique

To maintain the highest level of freshness that feels as if it were just made, Seoul Wife Kimchi employs a traditional Korean technique of delaying fermentation time. This method allows us to produce kimchi using the traditional natural fermentation technique of Korea, which involves covering the napa cabbage leaves. This approach extends the kimchi's shelf life, allowing it to be preserved longer than other types of kimchi.

Why is delaying fermentation important?

'Golmaji' refers to the white film that forms on the surface of moist foods like soy sauce, soybean paste, alcohol, vinegar, and kimchi. In kimchi, it's commonly formed during the later stages of fermentation. As the fermentation time lengthens, the activity of beneficial bacteria in the kimchi decreases, and the exposure to air (oxygen) increases, leading to the formation of golmaji on the kimchi's surface. Kimchi with delayed golmaji formation maintains the utmost freshness, offering the taste of freshly made kimchi. It preserves the crispness and refreshing flavor of kimchi. The abundant distribution of probiotics within the kimchi contributes to our health and vitality.

Perfect Fermentation

Jongga's starter bacteria control the process, encourage lactic acid bacteria, ensuring safe and stable fermentation for top-quality Kimchi

Top quality with Health Consideration

Our fermentation technique, designed to slow down the natural fermentation process, makes the probiotics within the kimchi even more abundant. By preventing the escape of probiotic bubbles and measuring the time of packaging and distribution, we offer kimchi with minimized maturation. Through this approach, we proudly present the highest quality of kimchi that aligns with the UNESCO-recognized tradition of Korean kimchi.

One Kimchi, Countless Benefits

General Health Aid:
Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria remain active in the body, aiding digestion and boosting the immune system.

Consistent Taste of Natural Ingredients

From pickling the cabbage to making the seasoning, and even in the standardized process of measuring the amount of seasoning used, we produce a consistent taste and size through a unified process. We handle all the ingredients for kimchi directly and refrain from using artificial additives. We quantitatively differentiate the level of spiciness by distinguishing between hot and mild peppers among the homegrown produce and peppers we use. We provide the finest and uniform taste that enhances the crisp texture and refreshing flavor.

How is Seoul Wife Kimchi made?

  • 1. Continuous saltconcentration management

    From salting to seasoning, we provide healthy kimchi
    by thoroughly managing the sodium content and reducing it.

  • 2. Delivered freshly packed

    We pack small portions of kimchi and deliver it as fresh
    and unripened kimchi. When you store it at home, it ripens to a more suitable taste for consumption.

  • 3. Traditional naturalfermentation technology

    We produce using JinYoungNongsan's traditional Korean technology that delays the fermentation time to maintain the highest level of freshness, as if it was just made.