Collection: Vegan kimchi

Vegan kimchi is a mouthwatering twist on the traditional Korean staple that has gained immense popularity in the world of plant-based cuisine. This exciting and cruelty-free variation of kimchi takes the vibrant, spicy, and tangy flavors of the original dish and transforms them into a vegan delight. By forgoing fish sauce and other animal-derived ingredients, vegan kimchi opens the door to a wider range of palates, offering a savory and sustainable alternative for those who follow a plant-based diet. In this introduction, we'll delve into the world of vegan kimchi, exploring its ingredients, preparation, and the culinary possibilities it offers.

Vegan Baechu Kimchi

Each leaf of cabbage is carefully filled with seasoning, and when packed, it creates a harmonious blend of the crispness of the cabbage and the delicious spiciness of the red pepper flakes, resulting in a flavorful kimchi.

Vegan Altari Kimchi

Altari Kimchi, with its satisfyingly crunchy texture and a taste so delightful it resonates beyond the palate, is made by generously
incorporating the perfect pairing of fresh ginger. Sweetened with delicious grape sugar,this Altari Kimchi is irresistible, becoming a
constant favorite.

Vegan Dongchimi

Dongchimi, a perfect blend of sweet potatoes and sticky rice cakes, offers a refreshing and slightly sweet taste. With its harmonious
combination, both adults and children can enjoy this kimchi, savoring the deep flavor of pickled peppers.

Green Onion Kimchi

Spring onion kimchi, prepared with the rich and profound flavor of anchovy sauce, is filled with the essence of its authentic taste using only minimal seasoning. Plum extract and grape sugar are used to introduce a touch of sweetness, allowing you to experience the delightful original taste of spring onion kimchi.

Gat Kimchi

When ripened and consumed, the harmony between the sharp taste and the anchovy fish sauce results in delicious fresh kimchi.